Cancellation Policy

Unless explicitly specified otherwise, all purchases done on Rebeca San Juan are non-refundable. This includes purchases by end-customers of products like ‘E-invites, Makeup services etc’ as well as purchases by wedding businesses, and vendors.

However, when a vendor is booked by a user, after discovering them on Rebeca San Juan, the vendor’s ‘Refund & cancellation’ policy will be applicable on those bookings. In case the same isn’t explicitly shared, we recommend for the same to be checked before booking.

Rebeca San Juan reserves the power to restrict, totally or partially, the access of certain users, and to cancel, suspend, block, edit, or delete certain type of content, or cancel the accounts of users who misuse the Website, if Rebeca San Juan acquires actual knowledge that the activity or stored information is unlawful or harms property or rights of another, for example (but not restricted to) cases of plagiarism.